Farming News - Special podcast edition focused on financial considerations for farmers

Special podcast edition focused on financial considerations for farmers

08 Sep 2020
Frontdesk / Finance

FARMERS looking for financial tips can gain insight from two NFU Mutual experts in a new special edition of the insurer’s podcast.

Hosted by well-known Rock & Roll Farming Podcaster, Will Evans, the latest ‘Ahead Of The Field’ podcast is a short introduction to the complex areas of investments and pensions that can be of interest to farmers.

Investment manager Matthew Bennett gives his expert view on the current situation of the stock market and the impact central banks have had this year, while also explaining why each farmer’s investment appetite might differ.

He says: “If you’re very asset rich in the UK and you’re trying to diversify away from the risk of Brexit, then you might think of a different way of investing to someone that has different circumstances. It’s all individual circumstance specific.”

Pension expert Martin Ansell explains how a pension can benefit farmers, even those with no intentions of retiring, and lists the options available for those using a pension to save for later life.

“There  are  now  six  retirement  options  that  you  can  consider,” says Martin. “And one  of the beauties  of  this  is  you  can  mix  your  options.”

You can listen to the full episode on financial consideration for farmers, as well as previous episodes, here.