Farming News - Copa Cogeca welcome the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum as partner organisation

Copa Cogeca welcome the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum as partner organisation

During an online meeting Copa and Cogeca Presidents and Vice Presidents welcomed the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum, represented by it’s Director Ms Mariia Dudikh, as a new partner organisation.

Copa President Christiane Lambert, spoke of their admiration for the courage of Ukrainian people said, “It is a great honour to welcome you to the agricultural family of Copa. It is a decision that was taken unanimously and in record time by the members of Copa and Cogeca. 

“It is a symbolic and emotional decision, given the situation. It is our way of officially showing  you  all  our  support  in  the  ordeal  that has hit your country. We know of your commitment. Images reach us every day. 

“As President of Copa and in a personal capacity, I want to reaffirm with great solemnity our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and with you, the farmers of Ukraine.” 

Cogeca President Ramon Armengol said, “I would like to send you our most sincere message of solidarity from the  European  agricultural  cooperative  movement to the entire Ukrainian agricultural community that  you  represent  today.  We  feel  this  aggression  that  you  are suffering  as  our  own.  When we see your families  leaving their villages and homes, we feel them as ours. 

“When we see these families forced to separate, to go into exile, we see them as our own. Do not feel alone, we are with you, we will help you in any way we can.” 

Ms Dudikh, regardless of the situation faced by her compatriots and Ukrainian farmers, showed her full commitment to the work of Copa and Cogeca, “I would like to express our respectfulness to  your  decision,  that  allows  UNAF  to  join  Copa and Cogeca as a partner organisation.Unfortunately, it happens in the light of the on-going war in Ukraine, with our country paying the high price for it.”

She further indicated their concern for the food security in Ukraine and worldwide, as a consequence of the conflict and their farmers inability to continue farming as they used to;Ukraine produces a third of the world’s entire wheat exports.

Ms  Dudikh  also  outlined the many difficulties currently faced by Ukrainian farmers,in particular the lack of fuel and seeds and other inputs necessary for the continuation of their farming activities.

Apart from the official welcome to the European farming family, the meeting had an important mission which was to understand the extent of the challenges faced by the Ukrainian farmers and what assistance can be provided to them.