Livestock straights feed prices and charts

Livestock straights feed prices and charts

Including calculated Protein (p/g) and Energy (p/MJ)

Prices updated daily

Prices updated daily, provided by Farming Online. Including dynamic calculation for protein (p/g) and energy (p/MJ).

ContractPrice (£/t)Protein (p/g)Energy (p/MJ)
Hi Pro Soymeal
May-2019389.7 -3.40.0813.16
Jul-2019392.7 -3.80.0823.18
Sep-2019396.2 -3.60.0823.21
Dec-2019378.0 -3.50.0793.07
Soya Hulls
May-2019197.7 -3.40.1821.6
Jul-2019206.7 -
Sep-2019212.2 -3.60.1951.72
Dec-2019218.0 -
Aug-2019242.1 -0.430.2132.01
Nov-2019246.1 -0.20.2172.04
Feb-2020176.3 -0.420.1551.46
May-2020177.4 -0.20.1561.47
Jun-2019142.1 -0.250.0461.27
Aug-2019145.7 -0.240.0471.31
Nov-2019144.2 -0.470.0461.29
Jan-2020145.9 -0.240.0471.31
Maize Gluten
May-2019277.5 -
Jul-2019281.1 -110.0912.65
Sep-2019285.0 -10.20.0922.68
Dec-2019292.2 -9.60.0952.75

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