Farming News - Wanted! On-Farm Liver Fluke cases to test a Liver Fluke Early Detection App

Wanted! On-Farm Liver Fluke cases to test a Liver Fluke Early Detection App

21 Oct 2020
Frontdesk / Livestock

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with the Liver Fluke Early detection app we are developing with the University of Liverpool.

Livestock producers will be able to input a location and output a practical fluke forecast for their farm to help with treatment timing. Early detection of liver fluke to help with accurate dosing is vital to avoid poor performance and also prevent inappropriate use of flukicides.

We have been busy compiling one of the UK’s largest data repositories containing nearly 100,000 records of fluke data including data from bulk milk tank tests, faecal egg counts, copro-antigen tests, serology and post-mortem data. Progress on the model’s development has been accelerated as a result. 

We are at the stage where we now want to test the accuracy of the model against actual cases of fluke on farm. Farmers are currently forwarding us data to test but we need as many instances as possible.

Can you help? Simply provide us with a location / year/ month when known fluke occurred (past or present).

Liver fluke status - was it high/medium/low risk? You don’t have to tell us!  Challenge the model.

We want to use the information to run it the Liver Fluke app and then feed our results back to you.

Hope you will be able to help us at this important stage.

You can email the data or any queries you may have to