Farming News - Video footage shows farmers tackling flytippers on their land

Video footage shows farmers tackling flytippers on their land

14 May 2019

Video footage has been posted online showing farmers ambushing flytippers trying to dump rubbish on their land before pushing their van over with a tractor. The clip also shows one of the farmers hitting the flytippers with a piece of their own rubbish.

It was posted earlier this month on a UK Facebook group called 'Machinery & Construction' with the caption: 'Bloody fly tippers! Watch until the end,' and has been met with thousands of comments congratulating the farmers on 'sorting out' the flytippers.

Comments included:

“Yes great well done to the farmers!”

“Absolutely brilliant that’s the way – none of this pussy footing around calling the police who just give them a slap on the wrist”

Another said “Any vehicle caught fly tipping should be confiscated and sold at auction If caught on private land the owner of the land keeps the vehicle and the dvla changes the documents to the landowners name simple as that”

Fly tipping causes huge frustration in the farming community particularly as new figures show that no criminal convicted of fly-tipping has faced the maximum penalty since the government issued new guidelines five years ago It is described as "the  scourge of the countryside"

Defra statistics have shown that fly-tipping incidents have increased by almost 40% since 2012.