Farming News - Transport proposals top of Scottish livestock industry agenda

Transport proposals top of Scottish livestock industry agenda

04 Feb 2021
Frontdesk / Livestock

The huge concerns held by farmers and crofters over proposals around animal transport have pushed this essential part of the Scottish livestock industry to the top of the agenda.

In his latest blog, Vice President Charlie Adam reports that hundreds of worried farmers and crofters tuned into NFUS webinars on the current consultations from Defra and the Scottish Government with a Westminster committee also calling for evidence on the matter.

The deadline for submissions to DEFRA consultation on animal welfare in transport has been extended to 25 February and now the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has launched an inquiry into how the proposed new rules will impact on animal welfare, disease control and business interests. The DEFRA proposals would apply to England and Wales only and the Scottish Government has launched its own consultation.

Charlie calls for common-sense, practicality and science to prevail.  He writes: “If these animal transport consultations are adopted as proposed, it could lead to huge disruption and cost to the industry. This could threaten the continuation of livestock production in island communities which are heavily dependent on it economically, socially and for maintaining the natural environment.”

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