Farming News - The Internet turns 30 today.... view our first homepage

The Internet turns 30 today.... view our first homepage

20 Mar 2019

The internet celebrates it’s 30th birthday today and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their support over the years. You can click the link below to view Farming Online’s first ever Home Page back in 1995!

Who can remember the dial up tones, the chunky web sites and trial disks?!…/19961219…/

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                         Our first company logo in 1995


Thirty years ago today, Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for the world wide web.

The technology was primarily used for US defence strategy throughout the Cold War. This was until two decades later when Tim Berners-Lee sought to streamline a connection between a larger network of computers. Thus, the internet browser and the world wide web was created.

Today, we think of the internet as millions of links networked on a variety of browser options like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. We can thank Berners-Lee for it because a "browser" was first coined in his 1989 information management proposal.

The first ever web address that started it all was and it still exists today.

It is impossible to forget the crackling sound of the dial-up tone in those early days. The screeching and ringing have come to represent the earliest web portals and can be heard below!


Farming On-line launch

Farming On-line was launched as an independent family controlled business back in May 1995 and was based at Castle Farm, Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire. The Mercer family, who founded Farming On-line worked in Agriculture for several generations. FOL’s mission was to provide the "easiest, quickest and most convenient way for the farmer to communicate with the agricultural industry and fellow farmers."