Farming News - New Holland sends 400 Basildon tractor factory staff back to work

New Holland sends 400 Basildon tractor factory staff back to work

07 May 2020
Frontdesk / Machinery

New Holland, one of Essex's biggest employers has sent around 400 of its staff back to work this week.

The New Holland tractor plant along Cranes Farm Road in Essex has restarted factory operations and sent all production line staff back to work.

This includes not only those working on the line but also logistics workers inside the factory.

The plant has been closed since Thursday, March 19 in response to the nationwide response to the coronavirus pandemic.

But with new stringent measures in place, New Holland has decided to reopen factory operations.

A spokesperson from New Holland told Essex Live that: "Approximately 400 people have returned to work.

"There are usually around 1000 people on-site, so it is just the production line that has returned, and logistic workers organising the production line."

Whilst the plant has been closed, only cleaning and security staff have been allowed on site.

A large proportion of the administrative staff have been working from home, with some other workers at the plant being placed on the government's furlough scheme.

Factory workers were sent back to the plant yesterday, with a set of new social distancing guidelines to follow.

The spokesperson added: "We've implemented social distancing all around the plant, so when people are turning up to the plant for work, there are markings in the ground to make sure not too many people are trying to get through the turnstiles at the start of a working day.

"They have to stay six foot apart, and it's the same around by the clocking in stations.