Farming News - MP's reject amendment to protect food standards

MP's reject amendment to protect food standards

05 Nov 2020
Frontdesk / Arable / Livestock

Last night MPs have voted against enshrining environmental standards into law in the Agriculture Bill (Lord Granchesters 'amendment 16B rejected) risking farmers long term sustainability and British wildlife. 

The Commons voted 331 to 272, majority 59, to reject the House of Lords amendment to the Bill which would have ensured imported foods met with the same standards to those followed by UK producers.

Martin Lines, The UK Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network, which comprises of more than 1,600 farmers, has commented on the disappointing result: 

“The government has failed to take the necessary actions to protect farmers and the public from low-standard products. The UK’s world-leading and high-quality standards needed to be enshrined in law, to provide certainty to farmers and improve the environment. Without this promise, delivering a climate and nature-friendly future will be a challenge. Whilst we welcome the Trade and Agriculture Commission having a more active role in informing trade policy, we are disappointed to see the government stop there.” 

“Our focus is now also firmly on the policy development of the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs), to ensure that the bold ambitions promised by the Government for farming reform are delivered and not lost in the process. Farmers need clarity and certainty on how this support will be provided, with a proper framework developed in cooperation with them, and we seriously hope that the Government will work with us collaboratively to deliver this.”