Farming News - Liz Truss will free farmers from red tape to bolster food security

Liz Truss will free farmers from red tape to bolster food security

01 Aug 2022
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The former environment secretary has said she wants to enable farmers to grow more sustainable, high-quality British food by designing a new scheme with the farming industry.

Meeting with farmers in the South West yesterday Liz Truss has vowed she will “unleash British food and farming in order to improve the nation's food security." and would “remove onerous EU regulations and red tape” if she becomes prime minister.

She will also extend the seasonal workers scheme and promises to make British farmers more competitive.

If Ms Truss becomes PM she said her government would review..."poultry, livestock and dairy, horticulture and animal health regulations to simplify processes and ensure sector resilience and adaptability."

She told the Countryside Alliance that:

My defining mission would be to get economic growth back on track by cutting corporation tax, reversing the National Insurance rate rise, simplifying taxes and reliefs, reforming business rates and introducing a moratorium on energy levies.

I also want to boost our domestic food production, particularly in growth areas like horticulture and seafood - increasing UK food security and enabling us to buy, grow and sell more British food. To do this, I will streamline the inspection regime for UK food producers by removing red tape, reducing costs and having a greater role for earned recognition.

As the Environmental Land Management schemes are rolled out, we must work closely with industry to ensure that farmers are able to access these schemes, and be rewarded for their efforts, while delivering robust environmental outcomes.

Britain’s rural areas are a key driver of our economy, a distinct part of our national character and the foundation of our environment. That’s why I will continue to champion rural communities and the rural way of life, ensuring their, and the rest of the country’s, best days lie ahead.

The FDF’s chief executive Karen Betts said:

"I'm delighted to see Liz Truss putting food production at the heart of her leadership campaign today (31st August) . Food and drink manufacturers of all kinds and their staff across the UK work tirelessly to ensure delicious, affordable and safe food and drink is available to everyone, everywhere, every day.

“But we need to work with the government to tackle soaring inflation, which is straining household budgets and putting businesses in our sector under real pressure. Rethinking and streamlining regulation, along with finding solutions to labour shortages and opportunities to boost productivity, would make a huge difference.”

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