Farming News - Initial assessment of proposed no-deal tariff schedule now available

Initial assessment of proposed no-deal tariff schedule now available

13 Mar 2019
Frontdesk / Finance

AHDB has this afternoon published its initial assessment of the potential impacts of today's (13 March 2019) proposed no-deal import tariff schedule on its key sectors.

No deal tariff announcement

Tom Hind, AHDB Chief Strategy Officer, said: “Government has been faced with striking a balance of price stability, safeguarding sensitive products and ensuring our ability to negotiate new trade agreements is not compromised.

“The proposals take account of sensitive agricultural products, such as meat and some dairy products. But cereals, potatoes and most fresh produce imports will face no tariff barriers.

“Many EU imports to the UK would face tariffs for the first time under a no deal scenario. Our exports to the EU will still face the EU’s common external tariff in a no-deal scenario and this will impact trade flows and market dynamics. Sheep meat is the most extreme example, where approximately one third of UK production is exported and the overwhelming majority currently goes to the EU.

“Trade implications remain substantial. Businesses will be considering variables such as currency, non-tariff barriers, the perishable nature of many foodstuffs and the proliferation of just-in-time supply chains.”

The assessment, covering cereals, potatoes, beef, sheep meat, pork and dairy, can be found here: