Farming News - Huge fire rips through turkey farm two weeks before Christmas

Huge fire rips through turkey farm two weeks before Christmas

12 Dec 2017

A huge fire has ripped through a turkey farm just two weeks before Christmas. Last night six fire engines were sent to the major blaze at a large turkey farm in west Wales, after witnesses reported hearing a loud noise before acrid smoke billowed into the air.

Huge fire rips through turkey farm two weeks before Christmas

Fire at a turkey farm in Pembrokeshire (Picture: Joel Kother)

The organic Capestone Poultry Farm, near Walwyn’s Castle in the Milford Haven area, was in a barn housing vehicles and is not believed to have killed any animals. Valerie Gill told the Western Telegraph: ‘It was a huge thud. An awful sound. There is a valley with a lake between us but it sounded like such a big bang. ‘There was thick, thick black smoke almost immediately.’

Western Telegraph reporter Joanna Sayers said: ‘It looks like an inferno. It is a big fire in a what looks to be a long shed. If you didn’t know it was a fire you would think it was Christmas lights lighting it up.’ A man who was working nearby said: ‘I saw a massive explosion. I was about half a mile away and I could see it.

Western Telegraph:

(Picture Western Telegraph)

It not believed that any people or turkeys were killed in the fire.

‘One of the sheds was fully in flames with lots of little explosions going on. It was like they had stored gas in there.’  Mid and West Wales Fire Service has confirmed that a number of crews are in attendance, with fire engines attending are from Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, Pembroke Dock, Narberth, Tenby, and St Davids.They are also calling in a drone to assess the blaze from above.

The road near the scene were closed while emergency services dealt with the situation. A spokesman said they were dealing with a blaze in an agricultural building approximately 150m by 150m in size. The spokesman added that there were gas and oil cylinders in the building potentially fuelling the fire.