Farming News - Forestry England Woodland Partnership application window closing on 1 June

Forestry England Woodland Partnership application window closing on 1 June

27 May 2021
Frontdesk / Arable / Livestock

Forestry England staff planting trees

The application window for Forestry England’s new woodland creation scheme will close on 1 June and landowners are urged to apply in time. The Forestry England Woodland Partnership was launched in March, and is aimed at landowners including public bodies, environmental NGOs and farmers, offering an annual, guaranteed rent in return for a long-term lease on land of at least 50 hectares.

The Forestry England Woodland Partnership is a chance to diversify landholding and farming businesses and requires limited financial investment and no forestry expertise as Forestry England will design, plant and manage every site as part of the nation’s forests.

As part of the Nature for Climate Fund to support the government’s tree planting commitment, the scheme aims to create significant new areas of high-quality, biodiverse woodlands across England.

A new brochure giving details of the partnership benefits and the application process is now available to download on the Forestry England website

This is part of a series of Nature for Climate Fund announcements this spring, leading up to the publication of the government’s action plan on trees, woodland and forestry to support an increase in tree planting across the UK to 30,000 hectares per year by 2025. The government is committed to protecting and restoring our natural environment. In recent months, the government has announced £12.1 million of investment for tree planting in Community Forests across the country, as well as a new £3.9 million pot to support innovative planting schemes in towns and cities and near rivers to reduce flood risk. #Togetherforourplanet #Plantmoretrees #Createmorewoodlands