Farming News - December 2020 tractor registrations above last year's level

December 2020 tractor registrations above last year's level

18 Jan 2021
Frontdesk / Machinery

Month :                              776 Units           +25.2% change (compared with December 2019)

Full Year:                           10,380 Units        -13.8% change (compared with January-December 2019)

UK agricultural tractor registrations (over 50hp) in December remained well above last year's level. At 776 machines, the monthly total was up by more than a quarter, compared with December 2019. Given the unprecedented year which we have just experienced, AEA has undertaken a reconciliation exercise with DVLA to ensure that we did not miss any registrations from the annual total. This has identified 425 machines which were missing from information supplied to AEA by DVLA earlier in the year. Adding these numbers brings the annual total for 2020 to 10,380 units. That is still 14% lower than in 2019 but is similar to the levels recorded in 2015 and 2016, the lowest figures in recent years.

Most of the year-on-year decline took place between April and July, when supply chains were adversely affected by Covid-19 disruptions. For the final five months of the year, registrations were 11% higher than in August to December 2019 and from September onwards volumes were slightly above the average of recent years.