Farming News - Cream of the Crop at Tillage Live

Cream of the Crop at Tillage Live

20 Sep 2012

Tillage Live Event, held in East Lothian, will showcase a range of equipment to broader farmer’s cultivation options for the coming season.


With a difficult harvest, wheeling’s and ruts continue to cause problems across some areas of the country and many farmers are looking to change cultivation strategy. From ploughing to min-till, the event offers a range of solutions as well as the option gain valuable CDP points.


There will be 55 exhibitors, 24 working demonstrations and a Knowledge Trail which will cover issues such as weed control, slug pellets, how to clean sprayers and spray containers, soil structure as well as controlled traffic farming.


“The event will be very topical given how much debate is going on regarding establishment techniques and the increasing focus on soil management within the overall farming system,” says Tillage-Live organiser Duncan Russell of the Agricultural Engineers Association. “Tillage-Live puts all the experts in one place for a day. It is an opportunity not to be missed for anyone wanting to get the latest knowledge.”


Completing the knowledge trail will also allow farmers and operators to collect four CPD points for both BASIS and NRoSO.


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