Farming News - Conference on Climate adaptation in the UK

Conference on Climate adaptation in the UK

01 Nov 2019

This seminar will be a timely opportunity to examine priorities for climate change adaptation - including discussion around resilient infrastructure, environmental governance and the impact of policy developments.


Delegates will discuss key issues raised in the recently published Committee on Climate Change 2019 Progress Report to Parliament including:


  • concerns about the preparedness of key sectors for minimal global warming;
  • policies and national plans not taking sufficient account of climate change, in sectors such as agriculture, the natural environment, health, and infrastructure; and
  • the challenge for government to provide further resources, strengthened governance and more action on urgent risks.


Keynote speakers include: Tom Handysides, Head of Climate Change Adaptation, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Kathryn Brown, Head of Adaptation, Committee on Climate Change; Dr Hans-Martin Füssel, European Environment Agency; Dr Tony Grayling, Environment Agency; Alan Law, Natural England; Daniel Johns, Anglian Water Services; Alastair Mant, UK Green Building Council and Nigel Riglar, South Gloucestershire Council.


The agenda


  • The National Progress Report - monitoring progress, identifying vulnerabilities, and policy recommendations;
  • Adaptation and environmental protection strategies - natural infrastructure design, boosting resource resilience, and setting guidance;
  • Climate change preparedness - environmental governance reform, protecting public goods, and the Green Finance Strategy;
  • The energy system - adaptation priorities for efficiency, infrastructure resilience, and the low-carbon transition;
  • Boosting climate resilience:
    • Local adaptation strategies - and addressing urban vulnerabilities to climate risks;
    • Sustainable housing - building standards reform, overcoming investment challenges and enhancing property-level flood resilience;
    • Green spaces and biodiversity - strategic planning, green infrastructure, and species and habitat protection;
    • Urban water systems - resilience, enhancing surface water drainage capacity and improving flood management;
  • Policy priorities - for climate change adaptation and strategies for environmental protection.

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