Farming News - Business expert offers free advice to help dairy farmers tap into funding

Business expert offers free advice to help dairy farmers tap into funding

A top farm business guru will be offering free advice to dairy farmers on how to access a host of funding opportunities in the first in a series of practical webinars organised by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF).

RABDF Webinar: Grants and funding sources - essential help available now

On Thursday 21st May, Rural Business Advisor Simon Haley, will talk through the range of funding opportunities available to dairy farmers. These will include the latest round of Countryside Stewardship Grants; The Countryside Productivity Scheme as well as funds such as the Henry Plumb Foundation.

He will also offer some savvy ways farmers can tap into funds they may not have been aware of.

Mr Haley said: “Money has never been at a lower rate to borrow and in this webinar, I will be encouraging farmers to think outside of the box.

“Not only will I detail the schemes and loans on offer, but I will also explain how they can apply for them, what information they need to apply and how they can benefit their farm.”

Mr Haley will be encouraging farmers to think strategically about how certain funding schemes can be used.

He added: “The new bounce back loan announced by the government may not be something farmers have thought about applying for, but it could be a clever way of funding some capital expenditure with low rates of interest.

“There has never been a better time to borrow money," he said.

RABDF Managing Director Matt Knight said the webinar should be one every farmer tunes into.

“Dairy farmers are under so much pressure. So, even if they only take away one tip from the webinar that can help them better their business then it is time well spent,” Mr Knight said. 

Farmers wishing to watch the webinar live at 11 am on 21st May and ask questions need to register for the free event at

The RABDF is running 3 other webinars including:

  • 21 May, 11am Funding opportunities for dairy farmers and how farmers can think outside of the box by tapping into various funds they may not have been aware of. Simon Haley, Business Consultant, will be leading this.  He is also going to be offering practical advice on how farmers can prepare for the next round of grants from the Countryside Productivity Scheme due out later this year. You can find out more and register at 
  • 26 May, 11am- Optimising mastitis treatments for your farm with Kath Aplin, Boehringer. This will be practical advice on managing mastitis.
  • 28 May, 11am - Health and Safety on the farm with Cari Beard, The Farm Consultancy Group
  • 4 June 11 am – Maintaining productivity from pasture through the summer with grazing expert, Piers Badnell. He will highlight some of the key pitfalls when it comes to summer grazing and how they can be corrected.