Farming News - Brexit gives UK farmers chance to 'lead the world' as consumers 'crying out' for quality

Brexit gives UK farmers chance to 'lead the world' as consumers 'crying out' for quality

11 Feb 2020
Frontdesk / Finance

BREXIT could have British farmers reap the benefits of international trade thanks to a leading British product, National Farmers Union vice-president Stuart Robert suggested.

Brexit could help British farmers take on a leading role on the world stage thanks to great dairy and meat products created in the country, according to Mr Roberts. Asked whether leaving the EU could benefit the farming industry, the National Farming Union (NFU) vice-president insisted Brexit will offer the UK more freedom to trade with the rest of the world.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Mr Roberts said: "There are a number of benefits, actually.If we talk about trade, there are certain parts of the world where I think we can have some real positive trade deals.

"Our dairy products, for example, are ones that we can really lead the world on, we can really add value to.

"When you look at our sustainable meat production in this country, people are crying out for this around the world. I think there are some opportunities in trade."

The NFU vice-president also suggested leaving the European Union will grant the UK to have full control over farming regulations in the future.

Mr Roberts also said Brexit will force British politicians to be more "accountable" for the decisions they will take in the coming years.

He continued: "There’s also opportunities in terms of the regulatory environment.

"We are now, at least, in a position where the politicians in this country will make the decisions and be responsible for it.

"They can’t blame someone else, they can’t pass the buck. In every aspect of society, probably for all of us, it was convenient to blame Brussels for things.

"Going forward people are going to have to be more accountable."

The UK will no longer abide by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at the end of the transition period scheduled to conclude on December 31, 2020.

Chancellor Sajid Javid in December 2019 announced farmers could enter the new year with confidence that they will be able to "thrive" after Brexit, after he confirmed just under £3 billion of funding for 2020.

The cash - to be spread over two years - will be used to support farmers once all Brexit phases have concluded and the CAP direct payments scheme ends next year.