Farming News - Biocore Agri: Pioneering fish fertiliser provides biological boost

Biocore Agri: Pioneering fish fertiliser provides biological boost

British organic fertiliser manufacturer Biocore Agri has developed a new fish-based fertiliser that has significantly increased microbial life, including bacteria and fungi, in a variety of growing systems.


In a series of trials with its Biocore Land product, a fertiliser made by fermenting fish, the Fleetwood-based manufacturer has used Eurofins’ Soil Life Monitor tests to prove the soil-enhancing effect of the product. The liquid fish hydrolysate contains a broad range of macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, trace elements and organic matter, as Managing Director Stephen Welsh explains:

“We shred and mulch fish that is not suitable for human consumption in a process known as cold hydrolysis. The resulting liquid organic fertiliser that can be applied to soil as a conditioner or to plants as a foliar spray. It can also be mixed with other biological or chemical products to reduce spraying frequency.”

In a trial, seven litres per hectare of Biocore Land was used to improve lettuce growth. It reduced the growth cycle by three days, equivalent to a 10% reduction.

“We are working with Harlequins F.C. to enhance the training pitches at the club. We are also running a series of trials with VCS Agronomy, and recently completed a successful trial with the British Carrot Growers Association which saw carrot yields increase by 9.65%,” he says.

Tests with Eurofins Agro UK have identified that, when compared to a control sample, the organic fertiliser can increase microbial biomass by 85% and organic matter by 27%. In addition, the tests showed increases in total bacteria of 66.6% and total fungi of 85.71%.

“In a 15-hectare split field trial we applied Biocore Land to grass, which showed an 8.47% increase in grass protein and an organic matter increase of 27%. This demonstrated a benefit to both soil life and grass quality,” adds Mr Welsh.

The product, being made of natural material, is certified by the Soil Association and is expected to appeal to farmers and growers looking to enhance soil health by improving soil life. As an agricultural product for grassland or arable, it has the potential to help soils manage stresses such as drought, floods, extreme temperatures, pests and disease.

“Eurofins was the only laboratory that could identify the build-up of microbial biomass in the soil samples from our trials. The results show that Biocore Land is capable of making significant improvements to microbial life quickly, which we hope will appeal to farmers and growers looking to use natural fertilisers rather than chemicals,” he concludes.