Farming News - AVIX Lasers: Non-Lethal, Effective Bird Control Revolution

AVIX Lasers: Non-Lethal, Effective Bird Control Revolution

Ensuring the safe distance of birds from critical areas is a crucial concern for businesses, as avian presence can pose various challenges, particularly in relation to safety.


Traditional bird control methods often fall short in efficacy and sustainability, while lethal approaches raise ethical and legal concerns. In response, Bird Control Group, a pioneering Dutch company, introduces AVIX Autonomic, a revolutionary laser bird deterrent system that offers a non-lethal, highly effective solution to bird-related challenges.


Traditional bird control methods, such as visual and sound deterrents, netting, and spikes, are known to either lose effectiveness over time or become costly to maintain. AVIX Autonomic presents a game-changing alternative, utilizing laser technology to deter birds without causing harm. 


The system has garnered praise from over 1000 customers globally, reporting a substantial reduction of over 70% in bird activity.


The AVIX Autonomic system operates by emitting a green laser light designed to mimic the presence of a predator, prompting birds to avoid the area. Unlike traditional methods, the laser system ensures continuous motion, minimizing potential harm to birds by triggering their escape response before the laser reaches them. Importantly, the system falls within the safe 3B class, prioritizing bird welfare.


Supported by scientific validation and ethical considerations, AVIX Autonomic has been extensively tested and validated. A study conducted by Wageningen University demonstrated a remarkable 99% reduction in wild bird presence at poultry farms, highlighting the system's effectiveness in mitigating risks such as the spread of avian flu.


To further enhance bird safety, Bird Control Group has partnered with Purdue University to conduct a comprehensive study on bird-eye safety. Led by Professor Esteban Fernandez-Juricic, this initiative aims to set new standards in laser-based wildlife control, ensuring the AVIX Autonomic system's compatibility with bird vision.