Farming News - Action needed following APPGAW report on small abattoirs, says NSA

Action needed following APPGAW report on small abattoirs, says NSA

12 Jun 2020
Frontdesk / Livestock

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is welcoming several recommendations made in the newly released report 'The Future for Small Abattoirs in the UK: Report on an inquiry into small red meat abattoir provision'. However, NSA is saddened by the news a further 12 small/low throughput abattoirs have been lost during the two-year period the report was produced.
NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: "This is a crucial report that comes at a time when big decisions are being made regarding food and farming policy. Covid-19 has shown that localised meat supply chains retailing through farm shops, butchers, and home deliveries, provide resilience, choice, and service to consumers.
"They also giving the chance to add value, retain margins, and create a close relationship with the public, for producers. Many farm shops have reported meat sales up by a factor of three or four during this period and there are clear opportunities to be gained by holding onto this growth as we move forward, and potentially growing further."
NSA is concerned this thriving area would not be able to sustain without use of smaller and local abattoirs. Mr Stocker adds: "This can't be done without sufficient abattoir facilities that provide a high quality and affordable local service. There is no doubt that most people who choose to buy their meat locally also want to see the entire supply chain as local as possible. This APPGAW report highlights key actions that need to be taken to retain, and expand where appropriate, abattoirs facilities. 
"With many small and low throughput abattoirs having been lost, and those remaining still under immense pressure, the only thing more crucial than this report is to get its recommendations implemented quickly."