Farming News - A positive outlook at the British Pig & Poultry Fair

A positive outlook at the British Pig & Poultry Fair

The British Pig & Poultry Fair is less than a month away – and a lot has changed in the two years since the last Fair. So what does the event have in store?


"It's most certainly been a challenging couple of years for everyone in the pig, poultry and egg sectors, but it does feel like the tide is turning, and there are some positive outlooks ahead," says David Grint, CEO at the RASE. "Our industry never fails to impress me with its resilience, adaptability, can-do attitude and innovative answers to the biggest of challenges."

And this year's Fair will hopefully provide plenty of answers, inspiration, and optimism. With around 7,500 visitors and 336 exhibitors, attendees can enjoy the opportunity to network with friends and colleagues, meet with key suppliers and buyers, and browse the wide range of new products to reach the market.

As ever, the Poultry and Pig Theatres bring together some great speakers to explore the hot topics of the day, including the popular Pig, Egg, and Poultry Outlooks, which will consider the challenges and opportunities ahead.

"I don't think there's been a more interesting time to be in poultry meat, in terms of the amount of change that needs to happen," says Justin Coleman at Moy Park. "There are some big issues to deal with – but the public still has an insatiable appetite for chicken, so it will be interesting to see where this all lands."

In the pig sector, while the UK and EU herds have likely stopped contracting, further rationalisation looks likely to continue in the US and elsewhere, affecting global trade, says Mark Haighton at Sofina Foods. "What is the demand going to be for pork versus other proteins and what is happening with the meat-free agenda? That messaging doesn't seem to be as potent as it once was."


Minister of State Mark Spencer will be speaking about farming policy ahead of the upcoming election, while Defra's Janet Hughes will explain the new environmental schemes and grants.

Other hot topics include attracting, recruiting and retaining the next generation of farming talent, along with how to successfully market to the next generation of consumers.

This year's key themes are innovation, collaboration and sustainability, and the Fair has a new Innovation Theatre to profile the latest cutting-edge products and ideas. Visitors can hear how new software can predict early onset of respiratory disease in pigs, or can take the stress out of contingency planning in the event of disease outbreaks or natural disasters.

They can also learn about generating potential new income streams from farming insects, or how new technology can help them to reach net zero by turning animal bedding into valuable crop nutrition.

Ultimately, profitable and sustainable production depends on solid relationships, networks and knowledge-sharing throughout the supply chain, says Danny Johnson, General Manager at Fair partner ABN. "It's about taking a joined-up approach to achieve efficiency, performance and growth, and ensuring there's a viable future for the next generation."


Note new venue and days for 2024!


The 2024 Fair will be taking place on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May, at the NEC, Birmingham. Visit the website to book your FREE ticket The full seminar line up is available here: