Farming News - A look at September milk prices

A look at September milk prices

08 Aug 2019
Frontdesk / Livestock

Freshways has shocked it’s suppliers by announcing a 2ppl plus price cut for September to a 24.4ppl base orice which will be the lowest or at least one of the lowest liquid prices paid next month.

Glanbia have also reduced their price by 1ppl to take their standard manufacturing litre price down to 27ppl

Meadow Foods have followed suit with a reduction of 1.75ppl taking their standard price to 25ppl blaming a weakening dairy market.

Arla have held their price for the eighth month in succession.Their standard manufacturing milk price will be 30.22ppl and based on the liquid standard litre of 29.05ppl. The organic price also remains unchanged at 41.97ppl (manufacturing) and 40.33ppl (liquid). They state that the outlook for the milk price is stable for the foreseeable future and that any change by Arla is more likely to be upwards.

Barbers (cheese) have also put their price on hold milk and will remain at 28.56ppl and based on a liquid standard litre of 27.75ppl.

First Milk remains unchanged at 28.37ppl (manufacturing) and 27,45ppl (liquid). Tesco cheese pool suppliers see their price remain at 28.87ppl.

Lactalis have held their guaranteed minimum milk price at 28.27ppl manufacturing litre and liquid at 27.13 ppl standard litre.

Stable farmgate prices through August are not surprising given the limited movements on wholesale markets in late spring. Forecasts suggest that moving into the autumn, the annual growth is likely to drop off and production will actually fall behind last year’s volumes. This is will likely be a result of yields returning to more ‘normal’ levels after concentrate feeding supported yields last year.