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ADM Agriculture Fertiliser Market Report

15 Oct 2021
Arable / Finance

Granular urea markets await news from the most recent Indian tender. Supply is tight for nitrogen products globally and the European gas crisis has removed a lot of supply from the market in the west.

Chinese export control and an overall reduction in production as well as firming coal prices are supporting markets in the east and heavily influencing forward pricing from China.

News of CF’s plant at Billingham remaining operational until at least January will have little impact on UK supply and demand, with an estimated 80,000t of AN being produced in this period, only around 8% of the total UK nitrogen market.

Nitrogen demand is estimated to be 12-20% down in the UK due to changing cropping plans and reduced application rates. However, forward crop prices remain attractive even when high fertiliser costs are factored in.

Due to severe limitations on imported AN and a lack of UK-produced fertiliser, demand still remains much higher than supply.

Granular lime is a fertiliser which has been relatively unaffected by external price trends. Ensuring the correct pH levels in soils helps nutrient up-take efficiency of plants, and is a way in which growers can increase fertiliser use efficiency. ADM Agriculture has granular lime available for delivery for 2021. 

Calum Findlay ADM